Bake Club Conquer the Classics: Scones, Soufflés and Sponges   Sunday 17th May 2015

I had such a scrumptiously inspiring afternoon in the Bake Club kitchen with Anneka and fellow bakers last Sunday. We learnt the art of conquering the baking classics; scones, soufflés and sponges – and my gosh did they taste absolutely amaaaazing! I will admit before the class I had avoided these dishes as they’re known to be quite technical in the baking world; and the scones I made a couple of years back did end up like rock solid cakes – that might’ve put me off until now… Anneka was such a delight to watch in the kitchen; she first demonstrated each dish with her personal tips, then guided us as we baked our way through the afternoon. I can safely say cheese scones are my new favourite treat! I highly recommend the Bake Club classes to baking enthusiasts, cake lovers, or any foodie interested in a delightful and delicious afternoon…

image-2 image image.png


Silom Cooking School   Monday 9th February 2015

My six week trip around Asia finished with an incredible day at Silom Cooking School in Bangkok. The authentic little school provided an amazing experience in traditional Thai cooking and Thai culture. I developed an understanding and appreciation for Thai cuisine by becoming familiar with the raw ingredients in their natural state, and then hand choosing the ingredients at the local market. We didn’t just cook the dishes we actually learnt the art of making them – from squeezing coconut meat to make coconut cream, to crushing spices for our Green Curry, to making our own Pad Thai paste. The five delicious dishes we made were; Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai Sai Kai, Laab Gai (minced chicken salad), Geang Khew Waan Gai (green curry with chicken), and Khaw Neaw Mamuang (sweet sticky rice with mango). I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my afternoon in Thailand – I did mention we got to eat all the dishes afterwards didn’t I? It was safe to say I was definitely in a food coma…

IMG_9610 IMG_9603 IMG_9617


Delicious Food Photography & Styling Workshop   Sunday 2nd November 2014

I had such a wonderful and inspiring afternoon on Sunday at The School, learning the art of food photography and styling with the lovely Megan Morton and Delicious Magazine. We were lucky enough to each have our own Olympus camera for the workshop, and got to photograph amazing food prepared by Kitchen By Mike. We played around with styling kitchen and food props with Megan, then styled beautiful dishes in the studio and garden. I highly recommend this workshop if you’re interested in food styling, food blogging or food photography. I learnt so much from the professionals on the day and came home inspired for my next recipe shoot!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 10689442_628272780625146_1761113450316096906_n 10730972_628272783958479_6804164639909722320_n


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