Yes the ‘F word’ is… food!

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – James Beard

Hello and welcome to my delicious little haven. I’m Jemma and I am in a relationship with food – and it’s not always a healthy one…

Digging into olive jars, licking hummus tubs clean, and begging my parents for smoked salmon at the age of two, I can safely say, I have always loved good food.

My first word as a baby was ‘more’ so it was only fitting that it became the name of my food blog.

I have a bit of a sweet tooth (especially for chocolate), but have recently started cooking with an appreciation for health and nutrition too. On ‘more’ you can find some of my tastiest 5:2 diet recipes, my everyday delicious dishes, an insight into my travels, as well as my favourite decadent desserts (and no I’m not talking about ‘raw desserts’ – I’ll give you the naughty stuff).

I am 22 years old based in Sydney, Australia and working as a travel agent for STA Travel. I’m either in the kitchen cooking, or out reviewing local eating haunts; and yes I am that person in the restaurant who doesn’t let my boyfriend take a bite of his dish until I’ve taken a photo of it.

I lived in London for just under a year and traveled around a lot of Europe in 2012 – this is where my passion for food grew even more. In early 2015 I embarked on a life changing trip around South-East Asia volunteering in Nepal, eating Pho everyday in Vietnam and learning to perfect a green curry during a cooking class in Thailand. I’ve recently just returned from Japan which was probably one of my favourite trips – the bustle of Tokyo city, hello kitty at every corner, ordering ramen from hot food vending machines, discovering restaurants which only hold 10 people, feeding monkeys, skiing on powder, and of course learning how to make traditional sushi are just a few reasons why I highly recommend this totally weird but amazing country!

Being a ‘foodie’ I would like to share my simple yet scrumptious recipes, mouth-watering foodie experiences, and my discovery of that little restaurant next door that excites my palette and hopefully will excite yours too!

Embark on my flavoursome food journey with me!

Love Jem x



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