Via Napoli – review

zucchini seafood gnocchi

628 Crown St, Surry Hills

Brace yourselves food lovers, Via Napoli is the spot to be (well in the inner city that is).

I recently spent a beautiful evening with my family at Via Napoli and my pallet has been craving the delicious Italian food ever since. We arrived on a Saturday night without a booking (I wouldn’t recommend this though), and were lucky enough to get a table in the packed restaurant. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by warm, friendly Italian staff. This dining experience reminded me of Europe in terms of the authenticity of the waiters, the generous and gorgeous servings, and the hustle and bustle.

The menu is absolutely divine, which made it very hard to choose our dishes to share. We started with the ‘Cuppitiello di fiori di zucca ripieni’ – Zucchini flowers stuffed with buffalo ricotta and pepper. These were by far the best zucchini flowers I’ve demolished – the outside crispy and inside oozing with hot, decadent cheese.

Our next dish was the ‘Grigliata mista di pesce’ – Scampi, prawns and octopus marinated in lemon, olive oil, garlic, and fresh parsley. And oh my lord was every piece of seafood on this beautiful looking board cooked to absolute perfection! The portions were generous (which is everyone’s dream when ordering seafood) and the balance of the marinade, with the crunch of fresh roquette in ones mouth was divine. If you’re a seafood lover, I highly recommend this dish!

The last sharing dish, but certainly not least was the ‘Gnocchi alla sorrentina’ – Homemade gnocchi served with a Neapolitan sauce with melted buffalo mozzarella. Do I need to write anything else? Seriously though this dish will put the best chefs in Italy to shame! Each morsel is a little bite of heaven. The potato is cooked perfectly, the sauce is so fresh you can taste each tomato, and it’s just all round a little orgasm in ones mouth to be completely honest!

The dishes are all very reasonably priced (especially for Sydney), and the overall dining experience makes you feel like you’ve been teleported to Rome. Did I mention they have metre long pizzas too? You should definitely make a booking, especially dining Thursday – Sunday. They have Via Napoli restaurants in Lane Cove and Hunters Hill too.

I rate Via Napoli 5/5.

Happy eating, love Jem x


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