Glebe Markets – review

markets gozleme tandoori wrap

Glebe Public School Glebe Point Rd, Glebe

So the last few weeks have been a little hectic, hence my lack of blogging … I am now proud to announce I’m officially an adult, I’ve recently signed the lease on an apartment in Annandale – yay! The decision was pretty easy after trying most of the cafes on Booth St – if you haven’t already been to Black Toast Café yet I highly recommend it; funky décor, great food, reasonably priced and from what I’ve heard and witnessed amazing coffee (although I don’t drink it).

I feel like I may need to create a blog on the adventures of moving out – would anyway read that though? I find my misfortunes quite hilarious… So moving out as most of you know is all about budgeting. I am a terrible budgeter when it comes to food – especially when I walk into a supermarket down the cheese and cold meats aisle. It’s too much deliciousness in one section – surely they know people can’t resist? So on the topic of budgeting I bought myself a little $15 blender last week – cheap, easy to use, and really it’s just to make my morning smoothie. I’d woken up a little later than usual Friday morning and was craving some berry goodness – I’d put the berries, yoghurt, honey and milk in the blender and turned it on to realise that it had leaked everywhere… Like we’re talking milk on the bench, floor and under the cupboard. Happy Friday right?

Anyway we’re completely losing track on what this post is about, which is food… in particular the delicious food I indulged in last week at the beautiful Glebe Markets! Living so close to Glebe is great – it’s literally 10 minutes on the bus and there are so many trendy restaurants and bars! A couple of friends had a stall at Glebe Markets last Saturday (such a perfect day) and classic Jem could smell the food a mile away, and of course already knew what she wanted. I mean who goes to any market and doesn’t order Gozleme? Can I get a mmm mmm… The markets are every Saturday with an array of vintage/hipster clothing, succulents, funky glasses, old books, artworks – you’ll definitely find at least a few great items for cheap as chips.

The Glebe Markets are actually known for the tasty Tandoori chicken wrap; and oh my gosh succulent chicken cooked in tandoori spices, fresh lettuce, hot sauce – this is kind of sounding like a Mc Donalds add right? Anyway it was way better than Maccas and delicious – you definitely need this in your life (except if you’re vego, then I understand)… The Gozleme was amazing as per usual too, I don’t know what is about markets but to me a Gozleme is the perfect accompaniment. I ordered the beef, lamb, spinach and cheese. For under $20 for two people you can’t really go wrong with these dishes. So now that we’ve stepped into Spring there’s no better time then to check it out; there’s usually live music too so if I were you I’d plan to go next Saturday – perch yourself on the grass, listen to some good tunes, eat (a lot) and shop around.

I rate Glebe Markets 4/5.

Happy eating, love Jem x


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