Movida – review

wagyu potatoes chicken

50 Holt St, Surry Hills

I’ve dined at Movida in Surry Hills twice now and both times I ate my way through many, many delicious tapas dishes. The most recent time I had dinner with my cousin from Melbourne, and we both came away in a food coma, but an amazing one! The atmosphere of the restaurant is modern whilst keeping a cosy and urban vibe. We didn’t make a booking, so were pretty lucky to get a table straight away (keeping in mind it was a Thursday night). Our waitress for the night was bubbly, fun and very informative with the menu.

The menu has many enticing dishes, it’s actually quite hard to chose… Last time I had the Cecina – air cured Wagyu beef with truffle foam and poached egg. I couldn’t go past this dish again, the flavours are very unusual but work divinely together. The thin slices of beef are mouth-watering and the truffle foam is just the perfect complement. Definitely recommend this dish if you want to try something different but delicious!

The next dish we tried was the Patatas Bravas – triple cooked potatoes with spicy bravas sauce. Hands down the best potatoes I’ve ever eaten (sorry Nanna) – soft and fluffy potato on the inside, with a crispy outside and coated in delicious spicy bravas sauce with aioli – I could happily eat these bad boys all night long…

Our next dish, Setas – portabello mushrooms with thyme and sherry vinegar was just as tasty as the first two dishes, and a little less naughty than the last! I’m a huge mushroom fan, I don’t know who isn’t; so I was in mushy heaven. The sherry vinegar wasn’t too over powering and the mushrooms were cooked to perfection!

The last dish we had (isn’t actually on the website) so please forgive me, but I’ve completely forgotten the name of it. Basically it was charcoal chicken, but not the kind you buy at your local supermarket – it was served with bits of crispy, spicy chorizo and onion. It was a perfect dish to end an outstanding dinner on – the crispiness (yes I just used that word) and balance of spice evened out the charcoal flavour.

Every dish was a bit of fiesta fun in my mouth with amazing flavour combinations and authentic Spanish aromas.

We paid around $40 ahead not including drinks – but I’d say it’s worth it! If you are seeking a fairly new, trendy delicious experience then I highly recommend Movida. You should probably make a booking though, especially dining Thursday – Sunday.

I rate Movida 4.5/5.

Happy eating, love Jem x


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