The Nepalese Kitchen – review

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481 Crown St, Surry Hills

My friend and I have been talking about The Nepalese Kitchen for a good two months now, and every time we plan to go we end up at the usual Japanese. I’m not quite sure whether it was because we didn’t want to be adventurous, or if we just thought well we’d be eating the cuisine for three weeks very soon anyway.

Last night we faced our fears and ventured into the beckoning lights and aroma of spices into The Nepalese Kitchen.

The restaurant was pretty empty when we arrived (keeping in mind it was only 6.30pm) and the waitress promptly sat us down and served us water.

For entree we ordered ‘Sano Bhanta’ – char-grilled eggplant stuffed with spicy onion and served with mint & yogurt achar, and ‘Momo’ – handmade dumplings stuffed with chicken and served with tomato achar.

I’d never heard of “Nepalese dumplings” but I thought it was the closest we’d get to Japanese tonight (and I have a weakness for dumplings)…

The dishes came out fairy quickly. At first the eggplant dish seemed a bit silly for $9.50 but after biting into it my taste buds were pleasantly delighted. The texture of the grilled vegetable with the onion stuffed inside was a great combination, and the mint & yogurt achar was the perfect complement. I am an eggplant fan thought so maybe I’m bias…

My friend adored the dumplings! I had to agree they were absolutely mouth-watering – the inside was juicy and the roasted tomato achar (slightly chilli) was delicious. They nailed the flavours with this dish!

For the main we shared ‘Sekwa’ – boneless lamb marinated in house blend spices with a hint of chilli and ginger, with the accompaniment of Daal and Basmati rice. Apparently this dish is very authentic to Nepal (so we thought we’d test the waters – or should I say flavours.) The lamb was char-grilled and very fresh, the chilli and coriander lingered on the palate which was divine. I loved the combination of the chewy meat with the crunch of red onion and cabbage and the rice was fluffy and light. Overall this dish filled us both up more then we expected, and we’d definitely order it again!

I’m glad we finally succumbed to the smells wafting out the doors of The Nepalese Kitchen, and by the end of the night the restaurant was full (always a good sign). The prices were pretty reasonable for Sydney and I’d recommend going if you want to be a little more adventurous then your local sushi (not that there’s anything wrong with it – trust me I love Japanese). I will add the restaurant is BYO and the staff friendly. I’m very much looking forward to my trip to Nepal soon and hopefully I’ll come back with some similar, fresh and flavoursome recipes – stay tuned…

I rate The Nepalese Kitchen 4/5.

Happy eating, love Jem x


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